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“My office has been referring patients to Carrie’s programs for over 5 years.”

-Dr Steven Daube, DO, OBGYN

“If women are looking for a prenatal or postpartum exercise instruction, we would recommend her classes.”

-Dr John Carroll, MD, OBGYN

“We feel this is an expertly designed series of exercises for use during pregnancy.”

–Carla Carpenter, DO, FACOG
–Joan Cardone, MD, FACOG
–Susan Murrey, MD, FACOG,
–Yasemin Ozcan, MD
–Allan Ruby, MD
–Patricia Schneider, CNM
–Shari Haney, CNM
–Lee Eichhorm, CNM
–Robin Ross, Doula
–Colleen Curry, Doula

“We have confidence that she is taking care of our patients”

-Dr Julie Jensen, MD, OBGYN

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What’s Included?

lecture videos

Jam-packed with pearls of wisdom you won’t find anywhere else.


Download weekly worksheets to enhance your learning.

exercise videos

Exercises will build in intensity each week as you grow stronger.


Guided meditations developed specifically for pregnant women.

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What will you learn in Prenatal Pilates?

Hear directly from Carrie about why this is the best course for you!

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1. Week 1

Exercising Safely in Pregnancy

2. Week 2

Posture and Body Mechanics

3. Week 3

Pelvic Floor Health and Techniques/Positions to avoid perineal tears or episiotomies

4. Week 4

Pain in Pregnancy & Supports That Can Help

5. Week 5

Stages of Labor and Positions/Pushing Techniques

6. Week 6

Making the Most of Your Postpartum Time Including Your 6-week Appointment.

“Carrie’s Prenatal Pilates class is an absolute must for women who are pregnant”

-Isabelle, Certified Nurse Midwife


Hundreds of pregnant women swear that this exercise program made their delivery easier!


Six Workshops:
Jam-packed with pearls of wisdom you won’t find anywhere else.


Six PDF Worksheets:
Each week, you’ll download a worksheet to enhance your learning.


Six Exercise Videos:
Exercises will build in intensity each week as you grow stronger.


Six Meditations:
Guided meditations developed specifically for pregnant women, exclusive to this course.

Course Price:   $197

Special Price:   $97

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“I could not believe how quickly labor went! The breathing techniques were what got me through the contractions. I was amazed that I was able to stay in control. I can’t thank you enough for everything we learned in prenatal Pilates!”

Kristen, Prenatal Pilates Graduate

What women like you are saying…

“I’ve been doing really well after this pregnancy – probably the best I’ve ever been post-partum. The strategies that you talked about regarding labor really helped me. I didn’t hardly tear this time, and feel that I pushed correctly for the first time. And I was bouncing around feeling great only days after!”

 -Sarah, Student

“I wanted to let you know that my daughter was born last night at 9:41pm.  I could not believe how quickly labor went! I came in at 2 1/2 cm around 5:30pm. I tried to get epidural at 8cm around 9:20 thinking it would still be an hour or so. By the time the anesthesiologist started getting it set up I was getting the urge to push. I started pushing and it only took 3 contractions and she was out! …. the breathing techniques were what got me through the contractions. I was amazed that I was able to stay in control. I can’t thank you enough for everything we learned in prenatal Pilates!!!”

-Kristen, Student

“I am so glad I happened to hear about your class while in the waiting room at my doctor.  I had been looking for a class like it with no luck and loved it even more than I expected.  I found your advice very interesting and even if it is not all applicable to me specifically, I loved how open, honest, and non-judgmental you were about every topic.  You are a great instructor!”

Michelle, Student

“Your class allowed me to streamline my approach and prospective to the entire motherhood process and I was able to tune out all of the E True Hollywood horror stories fellow moms like to tell expecting mothers. All of the education and tips you armed us with helped me in having a stress free and complication free delivery. Thank you!!! Thank you again for such a great experience. I will recommend your class to any expecting mommy.”

-Latonzia, Student

“I have to say without Carrie and the great moves I learned I think it (labor) would have been difficult.  But honestly it was a great experience! I really want you to know that I credit Carrie and her teachings to my experience.   So special shout out to Carrie and thank you so much for everything you taught me…..”

Megan, Student

“I found this class to be extremely insightful, fun and funny and a tremendous resource for all the questions that come up during pregnancy.  I fount it to be a really comfortable atmosphere in terms of feeling OK to ask “those” questions.  I will say as helpful as it was, Carrie’s knowledge, humor and demeanor is what made the class what it was.  I would highly recommend the class to ALL soon to be mothers, even if it’s their 4th time around.  It is that profound.  Thanks for even making this class available.  AWESOME!”

-Molly (Mother of 4)

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Course Price:   $197

Special Price:   $97

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Why wouldn't I just watch free videos on YouTube?
Some of these are just lovely and others leave me worried that you will be doing more harm than good and creating a larger chance for a diastasis rectus abdominus (abdominal separation) or “mummy tummy” in the postpartum time.  When you invest in my program, you will have the peace of mind that not only are you doing everything you need to prepare for birth, but you are also paving the way for a speedier and safer postpartum recovery!
I am growing another human and am too exhausted to squeeze exercise into my already busy day!
Then you certainly don’t have time to squeeze in hour long physical therapy sessions because you injured your back or have hip pain or urinary leakage issues.  The educational videos in this program are condensed into easy-to-manage chunks that can be watched (or listened to) during a commute, while making a meal, as you drift off to sleep.  And the exercises videos range from 20-45 minutes and can be stopped and started as often as you need to work into your schedule.  The things you will learn in this class come from years of my experience treating pregnant women in the clinic and are designed to prevent some of the more common issues that send you to me in the first place.  This will end up saving you time in the long run!!! 
I've never done Pilates before and my doctor said I shouldn't start a new exercise program in pregnancy.

ACOG released a position statement: …..an accumulation of 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise a day should occur on most, if not all, days of the week. In the absence of either medical or obstetric complications, pregnant women also can adopt this recommendation.

I am really early on in my pregnancy so I'll get to this later on!
Wait!!!  The things you will learn in this program you will use for your entire pregnancy.  Things like how to move, what exercises are safe, how to protect your pelvic floor, and more!  The links never expire so you can watch the exercises again and again until the day you deliver.  The sooner you start, the stronger you’ll be heading into delivery day so no need to delay!
I'm in my third trimester so that ship has sailed!
Hold up!!!  This is a 6 week program so as long as you’re not beyond 34 weeks, you should have no problem fitting it in.  It takes the body about 6 weeks to build strength so this is the perfect time to cram!  The things you will learn in the short educational videos are sometimes even more valuable than the things you learn in your prepared childbirth classes (if you took one) and the exercises are perfectly designed to help you birth your baby better!  Start today!
I'm having ______pain (fill in the blank with back, hip, sacroiliac joint, pubic bone, etc) so I better hold off.
As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, I am no stranger to orthopedic limitations.  I offer modifications all throughout the videos so you can continue to keep your body moving (and pain-free) during the exercises.


“I am so thankful I was able to use your prenatal online class/resources this time around…

Saturday I gave birth to our second child, a 10 lb boy, without any tears/repairs/stitches in a matter of hours and only a few pushes. As the nurses were instructing me how to push (“bear down like you’re having bowel movement and hold your breath”), I politely nodded and remembered how you instructed to push in your “how to push video” and did that instead. He was out minutes later! All the nurses were so impressed haha. Thank you for all that you do and teach about! I feel like I have a birth story that I am proud of now and I am no longer afraid of future childbirth.”

-Christine, Prenatal Pilates Graduate

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Course Price:   $197

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