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Prenatal Pilates

Prepare your body and mind to birth your baby. With six weeks of expertly designed education, exercise, and meditations, you will walk away feeling empowered, confident, and strong.

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About the class

Effective and Safe Exercises to Keep You Fit and Prepare Your Body for Labor

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your tenth, your body is changing throughout your entire pregnancy journey. Carrie’s Prenatal Pilates class has been designed specifically to strengthen and prepare your body for labor and delivery.

For the next 12 hours ONLY, use code: LOVEPILATES! to save $30 at checkout!

All of the education and tips you armed us with helped me in having a stress free and complication free delivery. I recommend your class to any expecting mommy!


Prenatal Pilates Student

why pilates by carrie?

Expert Instruction from a Women’s Heath Physical Therapist and Prenatal Pilates Specialist.

When you’re pregnant, it can be hard to know who to trust, especially online. Carrie has worked with thousands of women in her career and the combination of her expertise as a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, along with her background as a sought-after Pilates instructor, makes her program the most comprehensive and well-designed you will ever find!

For the next 12 hours ONLY, use code: LOVEPILATES! to save $30 at checkout!

What’s Included?

lecture videos

Jam-packed with pearls of wisdom you won’t find anywhere else.


Download weekly worksheets to enhance your learning.

exercise videos

Exercises will build in intensity each week as you grow stronger.


Guided meditations developed specifically for pregnant women.

Course Details

The Prenatal Pilates Online Course is designed for pregnant women to help prepare your body (and mind!) to birth your baby.  Each class is a combination of education and exercise, and it is Carrie’s goal to empower you to feel more confident about your pregnant body so you can make informed decisions, exercise safely, and have the best possible labor and delivery experience!


Each week features a lesson focused on improving your pregnancy, birthing, and recovery process including:

  • Exercising Safely in Pregnancy
  • Posture and Body Mechanics
  • Pelvic Floor Health and Perineal Massage
  • Pain in Pregnancy and the Maternal Supports That Can Help
  • Stages of Labor and Positions/Pushing Techniques
  • Making the Most of Your Postpartum Time Including Your 6-week Appointment.



“I’ve been doing really well after this pregnancy – probably the best I’ve ever been post-partum.  The strategies that you talked about regarding labor really helped me.  I didn’t hardly tear this time, and feel that I pushed correctly for the first time.  And I was bouncing around feeling great only days after!”

Prenatal Pilates Student


These exercises are specifically designed to help your body support your baby during pregnancy, to prepare you to birth your baby, and to lay the foundation for a more complete recovery.  Exercises include:

  • Activating and relaxing pelvic floor musculature as well as your deep abdominals
  • Hip strengthening to prevent common pregnancy and postpartum injuries
  • Flexibility for all major muscle groups surrounding the pelvis
  • Upper body strengthening exercises to promote improved posture

All exercises are safe for all trimesters and fitness levels, so you can start where you’re at and modifications are offered for common difficulties.


“So glad I got to take this class to be able to learn proper abdominal exercises that were different from my normal routine for exercise.  I really think I’d have messed myself up doing crunches or other things before taking this class.

Prenatal Pilates Student


Each class ends with breathing and relaxation training. You will experience a different guided meditation each week that can be used throughout your pregnancy and during your actual labor.

Unique to only Pilates by Carrie students, this meditation series has been created just for pregnant women. The goal is to guide you to find your inner peace and strength as you prepare for childbirth!

Meditations include:

  • Breath Awareness
  • Prenatal Fear Release
  • Prenatal Birth Affirmations

These guided meditations will enhance your sense of calm, strength, balance, and well-being.



“I could not believe how quickly labor went! The breathing techniques were what got me through the contractions. I was amazed that I was able to stay in control. I can’t thank you enough for everything we learned in prenatal Pilates!”

Prenatal Pilates Student


Remember! For the next 12 hours ONLY, you can use the code: LOVEPILATES! to save $30 at checkout!