You’re Invited!

On Sunday, Oct 20th from 2-5 PM, join Carrie Koziol and special guest Kim T. Cook in Westmont for an afternoon of fun and education for moms & daughters!

About the Class

As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Carrie has teamed up with a period coach in Atlanta and a Certified Health Education Specialist right here in St Charles to design a night packed with need-to-know information such as:

  • the anatomy of the vulva,
  • how a healthy vagina should look and smell, and
  • normal bladder and bowel habits.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology just released a position statement that the period should be viewed as the 5th vital sign, so learn about:

  • how using period apps can help give your little woman a monthly progress report,
  • the nutrition she needs to support healthy cycles,
  • along with common period problems and their remedies.

In the final hour the girls and Carrie will branch off to work their way through some period stations while the moms will be whisked into a separate room (with wine and appetizers!) to hear from Kim Cook, the author of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning book Teen World Confidential: Five Minute Topics to Open Conversation about Sex and Relationships.  She will discuss:

  • Common roadblocks to starting conversations
  • Conversation starters to ease you into the conversations
  • What to talk about and when as you navigate “the talk”

We’ll end the night with a special ceremony to help the girls get excited about menstruation!  

What  Moms are Saying…

Thank you so much for inviting us to this mom and me class. Scarlet and I left feeling thankful that we were a part of it. I love the way you operate in creating a framework to look at yourself and make choices from love versus fear. That was a huge Takeaway for both of us in nutrition and self-care and physical touch.

You bring what sometimes feels like a shameful topic or overly sexualized topic to the table with clarity and dignity.

P.S. Scarlet has already started using some of your breathing techniques for relaxation as well as the running program she’s doing with other girls her age. Thanks!

- Stephanie

Thank you so much for a fantastic evening with the girls.  You did such a fabulous job on everything! All of the special details…..it was all so perfect.  Thank you! 

- Katie

A Can’t Miss Class

For all of my Mom Friends with Girls!!!! This Is IT!!!! Carrie Kolar Koziol, at Pilates By Carrie did the most wonderful, caring and informative job talking, and teaching one of my daughters about the changes that her body will go through as she ages. Let’s admit it, these topics are uncomfortable, weird, awkward. I wish I would have been able to attend something like this when I was young.

Carrie made an awkward topic and situation, comfortable. She treated the girls like young adults, open conversation, no judgment, no strict ideas. Easy, gentle conversation and invitations for questions. I LOVED every part of the class. The time learning with my daughter together, and the time that Carrie gave to the girls separately. I also got to have separate Mom Time to receive tips on how to start the conversation with my girls.

There are not enough fantastic or eloquent words I could use to describe this class. I will be taking my remaining 3 girls, (yes, I will take each one on their own) for this class. It opened so many doors for more questions, conversations, and bonding opportunities with my daughter. The class gave so much information, some things that I wasn’t even aware of at my age.
Let’s encourage our girls to share, ask questions and empower them to talk about the difficult topics.

Thank you Carrie Koziol for creating this class!!! Please add me to your waiting list!!!

- Michelle

Meet Your Instructors

Carrie Koziol, PT, CSCS is a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and Pilates Specialist who is passionate about educating and empowering young girls and women to take charge of their health by learning about their bodies.

Kim T. Cook, RN CHES, is the author of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning book Teen World Confidential: Five-Minute Topics to Open Conversation About Sex and Relationships. Kim is a former elementary school nurse and a Certified Health Education Specialist. She has an online resource for parents, TeenWorldConfidential.com, and a weekly newsletter to help educate and inform parents and other caring adults. She has been featured in Fatherly.com and Kids In the House.