Your body is looking for guidance from you on where all your parts belong! You’ve already experienced the postpartum phase, now you’re just trying re-establish yourself and correct ongoing health issues that are wearing you down. Let me ask you, are you experiencing….

  • Poor Posture

  • Unresolved Birth trauma, injuries, interventions

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/Urine Leakage

  • Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Muscle Separation)

  • Painful Intercourse/Sex

  • Ongoing Pelvic Pain/Incontinence

  • Weakened/Stretched Muscles

  • Stretched/Weakened Connective Tissue

  • Shift with Internal Organs

So many women live with these postpartum issues, not realizing every symptom is treatable. From pregnancy to perimenopause, your body has unique needs, limitations, and opportunities. Exercise is great, but every woman needs to know the WHY behind the movement in order to make lasting change

Postpartum moms and women with diastasis recti are easy targets for the fitness industry, thus the importance of finding a program and specialist that bridges the gap.


But, I’ve heard all the excuses


“It’s been six + months since having my baby, so I’m no longer in postpartum recovery.”

Answer to this excuse…

“I’ll just wait until I’m completely finished with having children before I address my abdominal separation or pelvic floor dysfunction.”

Answer to this excuse…

“I work out on my own so I know eventually I will lose my pregnancy pooch.”

Answer to this excuse…

“I’m going through menopause so I don’t need to worry about my abdominal separation or pelvic floor dysfunction.”

Answer to this excuse…

The DRA/Core Restore Program from Pilates By Carrie is the most comprehensive workout program for any new moms or veterans moms who is ready to safely rebuild her core and strengthen her pelvic floor.


Pilates By Carrie’s 6 Week DRA/Core Restore Program Includes:

The Core Restore & DRA Rehab Online Course will help your body recover from abdominal separation, while guiding you to a deeper appreciation of what muscles comprise the core, how to enhance the core programs you may already be participating in, and how to begin a new program that safely engages the muscles that support your trunk, back, and organs.

  • 6 Instructional Videos

Each week features a lesson focused on a whole-body approach to heal your mid-section, including:

  • How to Build Your Internal “House”

  • Pelvic Floor Health

  • Posture/Alignment/Body Mechanics

  • Introduction to Pelvic Floor Pilates

  • Healing the Core is an Inside Job (digestion + bladder/bowel habits)

  • Foods That Reduce Inflammation

  • Where to Go From Here 

  • 6 Workout Videos

For six weeks, you will be guided through a series of exercises developed by an expert in Diastasis Rectus Abdominus with over 10 years of experience. Exercises increase in difficulty over the course of six weeks to challenge your core to a greater extent. Each week, you will learn the core exercises that will become part of your home program which is essential to your success.  

  • 6 Detailed Worksheets

What are these worksheets and how will I use them

  • 6 Goal/Accountability Worksheets

Each week, you will have an exercise tracking sheet to log your daily progress. Keep yourself motivated and growing with this visual representation of your daily and weekly progress!


What other moms are saying…

“Don’t wait to take this class! I waited too long to fix my diastasis (thinking I’ll get around to it) and then I got pregnant with baby number two. I went into that pregnancy with a weak core. The knowledge I gained, the exercises that we did, and learning to incorporate “nutritious movements” into my day allowed me to start strengthening my core. Every woman should learn these important techniques to practice healthy exercise and movement.


Childbirth Educator, DRA Rehab & Core Restore Student

“I had a legit physical situation going on that was going to cause more issues down the line if I didn’t take care of it. Not only did I come away SO knowledgeable of what exactly is happening with my body, but sex is better and I’ve been able to work out in the gym like a normal person lately. I just don’t feel broken all the time anymore!“


DRA Rehab & Core Restore Student

“Core Restore made a huge difference for me – I can truly feel that my stomach is getting better. I probably would have never done anything about it otherwise but you’ve given me hope that I’ll be able to get my former physique back.”


Core Restore & DRA Student

“Carrie’s class was so helpful and helped to reduce my DRA from 6.5 cm and deep to 4 cm and shallow. Thanks to her I can enjoy better body mechanics. As an MD, I was not aware of exercises to do, but I will recommend it to friends and patients.“


MD Prenatal Pilates, Postnatal Pilates, & DRA Rehab/Core Restore Student


About your instructor, Carrie Koziol

I am a mother of three who is passionate about women’s health. I know what it is like to juggle motherhood, run a household, and manage a career while also striving to remain fit and well. 

For the past ten years, I have worked with women as a Physical Therapist, Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Specialist, and Diastasis Recti Expert. It is my passion and privilege to be entrusted with your health and well-being.

I’ve traveled across the United States and to other countries to learn from the best of the best in women’s health. And it’s now my goal to bring that expertise to women from all walks of life through live classes, online courses, and specialized live events.

I meet women where they’re at, whether they are elite athletes, hard core cross-fitters, occasional joggers, or loathe the gym.  I’m here to empower you to move your body better, and safer, and stronger (for longer).  In every class I teach and in every speech I deliver, I strive to educate women using memorable demonstrations they can apply to every movement for the rest of their lives!

Women are powerful. Physical strength and fitness are just one piece of the wellness puzzle, which is why I also focus on education and mindfulness training in all of my courses. When the mind, body, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

You are powerful, capable, and wonderful. I’m here to remind you that you are strong and guide you to accomplish anything you put your mind to.