Rebuild Your Core from the Roof Down

–Learn how your core is like a house and meet each of the four muscles that makes up your core

–Discover how to contract and relax each part of your core separately and with the proper breath sequence

–Then pull it all together into one continuous breath that engages the entire core all at once

–This sequence will literally become the mental checklist you use before every exercise and every activity of daily living, quite literally for the rest of your life!

why pilates by carrie?

Expert Instruction from a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and Postnatal Pilates Specialist.

After giving birth, it can be hard to know who to trust with your fitness, especially online. That’s why Pilates by Carrie has worked with thousands of women in her career and the combination of her expertise as a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, along with her background as a sought-after Pilates instructor, makes her program the most comprehensive and well-designed you will ever find!