Hi, beautiful Mama.  Are you tired to the bone? Is your libido in the gutter? Have you ever felt resentment towards your spouse when they mention wanting to have sex?  You are NOT ALONE!

It’s hard to get your sexual accelerator revved in the postpartum time, but I want to gently encourage you to take the parking brake off and at least shift into neutral so if you get a pleasant nudge in the right direction, you might find yourself rolling towards some well-deserved pleasure. I’ve heard from hundreds of women (myself included) about the hardships that accompany a return to sex after having a baby. 

The three main reasons women either do not want to have intercourse or do not enjoy intercourse after the birth of a baby include: Pain, Emotional Factors, and a Feeling of Being Stretched Out.  Come learn more about what you can do to overcome these obstacles and reconnect with the sexual goddess that lies beneath your tired exterior. No question is off limits.